100th day of Beth's captivity:
Candles for Beth, Candles for Justice

Quezon City


March 7, 2008




Family, friends and former mentors of Elizabeth Principe, together with peace advocates gathered at Elizabeth's alma mater, St. Theresa's College in Quezon City and lit 100 candles to continue their call for her release from detention and for justice.

The 100 candles also highlight the continued disappearance of Beth's husband, Leo Velasco, also an NDFP consultant, who was abducted on Feb. 19, 2007


Photo shows Lorena Santos, daughter of Beth and Leo.


Bulatlat: Elizabeth Prinsipe: Portrait of a Woman Serving the People





An ICM nun, Sr. Aurora Zambrano, one of Elizabeth's teachers in her high school days, offered their support to her  and the Principe family. "Beth is a gentle and loving person," says Sr. Aurora. "Just as a true Theresian should be. SHe has indeed been a light to others especially to the poor. It is a shame that she has been kept detained despite what she has done for the marginalized." Sr.Zambrano is an 83-year old semio-retired nun. Despite her illness (diabetes and slip disc), she has religiously attended Principe's hearing for the Write of Amparo at the Court of Appeals in Manila.

Girlie Padilla, EMJP secretary general

Linda Cadapan, mother of Sherlyn Cadapan, one of two UP students abducted in Bulacan more than a year ago

A high school teacher of Beth at St. Theresa's College

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