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Press Statement

January 3, 2000


The long list of crimes of Conrado Balweg against the people of the Cordillera and the revolutionary movement involved blood debts, and cried out for capital punishment. Appropriate bodies of the revolutionary movement had undertaken the necessary judicial processes and decisions way back in 1986-87. Since then, other bodies reviewed his cases and and reaffirmed his death sentence several times. The sentence was finally carried out by one of the units of Chadli Molintas Command, NPA-Cordillera in Barangay Buanao, Malibcong, Abra on December 31, 1999.

Balweg's crimes, as the principal leader of the Cordillera People's Liberation Army (CPLA) and in his personal capacity, are unconscionable to the people and properly deserve capital punishment. He is responsible for the following crimes together with a few other ring-leaders of the CPLA:


  1. Leading a counter-revolutionary split from the CPP and a mutiny within the NPA in the Cordillera on April 7, 1986. Balweg and his CPLA cohorts misled numerous Party members and Red fighters into cooperating with the AFP, and carted away more than 100 high-powered firearms from the NPA's arsenal, together with collective funds and other resources, which were products of immense sacrifices by Red commanders and fighters of the NPA.

  2. The abduction on October 6, 1987 and subsequent murder by the CPLA of Daniel Ngayaan of Tanglag, Lubuagan, Kalinga, a tribal leader and chairman of the Cordillera Bodong Association (CBA, distinct from Balweg's CBAd), and also a member of the the Executive Committee of the Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA). C. Balweg issued a statement admitting the CPLA's execution of Ngayaan.

  3. The abduction, torture and killing of Romeo Gardo of Tiempo, Tubo, Abra, a youthful CPA organizer in Abra, at the hands of the CPLA on December 28, 1987.

  4. Tipping off to the enemy the identity, position and location of leading cadres and members of the Party and the NPA, apart from the identity and activities of local revolutionary leaders and acitvists. Balweg and his group supplied valuable information to the enemy in 1986-1987, making it easy for the AFP to carry out "salvage" operations againsts Party cadres and military operations in the guerilla zones.

  5. The mysterious death of Fr. Bruno Ortega, S.V.D. of Licuan-Baay, Abra, who died in Balweg's office at the Cordillera House in Baguio City in December 1987. Shortly before his death, Ortega was planning to return to the fold of the revolutionary movement.

  6. The CPLA's extrajudicial execution by firing squad of two peasant folk of  Bucay, Abra (Jonathan Bisnan and Tito Babasa); the execution of Benito Dang-aw of Tubtuba, Tubo, Abra in 1987.

  7. The death of two tribal elders of Salegseg, Balbalan and two other children in Balbalan, Kalinga in the hands of the CPLA.

  8. The torture and killing of NPA member Pagpag Afarag of Can-eo, Bontoc, Mountain Province by the CPLA at Bikigan, Sadanga, Mountain Province in 1988.


In addition, Conrado Balweg is also guilty of several grave violations of Party and NPA discipline that he incurred when he was still with the revolutionary movement. In particular, he sexually exploited several women, taking advantage of his position and prestige in the revolutionary movement.

After breaking away from the CPP-NPA, he illegally accummulated wealth in collaboration with officials of the CPLA, Department of Energy and Natural Resources, Bureau of Mines, and the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) by auctioning tribal and other ancestral lands to foreign monopoly mining firms without the true consent of the people.

Balweg molded himself willingly to the whims of the reactionary ruling classes of big landlords and compradors. He made a mockery out of the people's indigenous culture and socio-political institutions, like the Bodong, in order to perpetuate his interest and that of a few ruling elite.

Since 1986 Conrado Balweg did not heed the repeated advice from the Communist Party of the Philippines, the NPA and the people, as well as personal appeals from his own brothers and sisters, and from other well-meaning personalities in and out of the Cordillera region for him not to take the road of armed counter-revolution and not to go against the interest of the people.

Instead, he went to the side of the US imperialists, big comprador-landlords and the fascist state and voluntarily took the cudgels of armed counter-revolution, oppression and exploitation of the people. Through the CPLA that he led, he carried out the enemy's dirtiest jobs in killing supporters, mass activists and leaders of the revolutionary movement in the Cordillera. He made himself into an instrument of anti-communist propaganda and witch-hunting, and tried in vain to counter every political, military and cultural endeavor of the revolutionary movement in the Cordillera.

Conrado Balweg was served the death penalty when his party arrived in Buanao, Malibcong. He was armed with an Ingram machine pistol, and was accompanied by a host of bodyguards. As in their earlier sorties into Cordillera hotspots, their intent was to undertake a sabotage mission against the NPA's economic reform program, building of revolutionary people's organizations and the people's resistance movement against the encroachment of mining and other destructive firms in Abra, Kalinga and Mountain Province.

By and large, the people of Cordillera consider Conrado Balweg's death punishment as justice long overdue. The people and the revolutionary forces have removed a small but painful and malignant tumor, and can hope for a healthier growth of the struggle for national self-determination and democracy.

The people should be warned, however, of people like Balweg who have turned into traitors against the interests of the national minorities, who actively conspire with the fascist state to foment bloody intrigues among the tribes of Cordillera, and who aggressively engage in armed counter-revolution.

The Communist Party of the Philippines, the NPA and the revolutionary movement enjoin further the people of Cordillera to build greater unity. We must remain vigilant against efforts of the US-Estrada regime to capitalize on the death of Balweg to whip up anti-communist hysteria and divide the ranks the people. The US-Estrada regime and its local cohorts should be fought tooth-and-nail against pushing the people of Cordillera to fight among themselves.

Kahit ilan pang katulad ni Conrado Balweg ang ipupukol ng reaksyunaryong papet na rehimen, lalabanan ito ng Partido, NPA at mamamayan nang may buong-tatag na kapasyahan.

  • Expose and punish the traitors of the Cordillera people's struggle for self-determination and democracy!

  • Advance the protracted people's war to greater and newer heights!

  • Strenghten the people's revolutionary justice system!

Ka Martin Montano

Chadli Molintas Command
New People's Army-Cordillera

January 3, 2000

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