All-out justice, All-out war:

Cotabato City, Arakan Valley and Tineg (Abra)


Posted: Nov. 1, 2011





COTABATO CITY – A Moro human rights group here strongly condemns the heightened militarization in the provinces of Basilan, Zamboanga Sibugay and Lanao del Sur designed to PNoy’s ‘all-out justice’ scheme and caused demise not only to MILF elements and government troops; but death and displacement of Moro communities and innocent civilians.

The KAWAGIB (Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights) pronounced that PNoy’s ‘all-out justice’ is no difference to past regime’s ‘all-out war’ conspiracy. PNoy continues and intensifies wholesale military operations in Moro communities that result to more victims of human rights violations which military deemed only as ‘collateral damage’.
--- from KAWAGIB press release


In Cotabato City:
Protest  picket/rally vs all-out justice

Photos courtesy of KAWAGIB (Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights)


MEDIA RELEASE/ 29 October 2011

KAWAGIB lambasts PNoy’s ‘All-out Justice’; calls Moro people to defend rights

COTABATO CITY – A Moro human rights group here strongly condemns the heightened militarization in the provinces of Basilan, Zamboanga Sibugay and Lanao del Sur designed to PNoy’s ‘all-out justice’ scheme and caused demise not only to MILF elements and government troops; but death and displacement of Moro communities and innocent civilians.

The KAWAGIB (Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights) pronounced that PNoy’s ‘all-out justice’ is no difference to past regime’s ‘all-out war’ conspiracy. PNoy continues and intensifies wholesale military operations in Moro communities that result to more victims of human rights violations which military deemed only as ‘collateral damage’.

Ustaja Nujum Jandul, KAWAGIB Vice-chairperson said, “PNoy’s ‘all-out justice’ strategy is an ‘all-out war’ ploy to the Moro people aimed not to address the century-long struggle for right to self-determination but utilizing the death of soldiers to justify the war in Southern Philippines.”

Jandul said that prior Al-Barka’s beheading incident in 2007 and recent October 17 clash, Basilan is long under Martial Law through State of Lawlessness declared by GMA in 2001. She added that illegal arrests, detention, torture and terrorist-tagging of innocent Moro civilians are persistent to this day where majority of the victims are still incarcerated in jails to offenses they never committed.

“We are sad that numerous AFP troops fell down. But we are sadder to the countless Moro civilians who were displaced, domiciles and properties damaged and even lost lives owing to more than a decade reign of state of lawlessness in Basilan. As we quest for justice, isn’t it more just to give justice to innocent Moro civilians who became victims of the State’s fang?” Jandul said.

The KAWAGIB stated that PNoy’s true color is starting to parade on his immediate resolutions to crisis the Filipino people are suffering. The group said that PNoy’s insincerity is apparent to his conflict-management approach in addressing the agenda of the Bangsamoro people.

“This administration is keen on doling out money, projects and development attempts to win the hearts of the Moro people but indeed no effort for an ingenuous political settlement. The Bangsamoro people’s only demand is to respect their right to self-determination. Indeed, the welfare of the Moro people is not in the priorities of this regime,” Jandul said.

KAWAGIB calls all Moro people to unite and defend their rights as the only shield to the State’s encroachment and violations stressing “continue to assert right to self-determination.” #

For Reference: Ustaja Nujum Jandul, Vice-Chairperson (Basilan-based), 09267875087




Press Release
October 31, 2011


Davao City --- Members of the Moro community and leaders of various peoples’ organizations, belonging to the SUARA BANGSAMORO and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) – Southern Mindanao, staged an indignation protest at the Headquarters of the Eastern Mindanao Command in Panacan, this city decrying the “All Out Justice” declaration of PNoy against alleged lawless elements in Basilan.

“All- out - justice means all-out-war against the Bangsamoro people. The peace rhetoric of PNoy could not conceal the militarist nature of such a declaration. Then again, thousands of civilians, including women and children, will be subject to forcible displacement, death and trauma – where is justice in this?” said Franchie Buhayan, secretary general of BAYAN.

Buhayan added, “Prior the killing of the 19 AFP soldiers, the Aquino government had already engaged a two-pronged attack to sabotage the Bangsamoro peoples’ struggle for autonomy --- the carrot and stick approach towards the Bangsamoro land problem, the government’s insincerity in pursuing the peace negotiations with the MILF, postponement of the ARMM’s election, non-release of Moro political detainees, and its hard line offensives against Moro leaders such as Umbra Kato.”

Buhayan added that an all out military campaign to pursue those guilty of the death of the 19 soldiers will be a repeat of a terrible witch-hunt and red –tagging of Moros back in 2001 when then President Estrada declared an all – out war.

Erap’s 2001 all – out –war drive led to the military siege of Basilan causing the incarceration of more than 100 innocent Moro civilians, including minors, elderly and pregnant women.

Recounting the 2003 all out peace campaign of Arroyo, BAYAN said more than 400,000 Moros and Christians alike from South Central Mindanao have been displaced when the Armed Forces of the Philippines launched airstrikes and massive ground operations targeting the MILF camp in Liguasan Marsh, Pikit, Cotobato.

US military intervention

Buhayan also warned the P-Noy government against the involvement of the US military in the recent skirmishes.

“The US military must stay out of this internal political crisis. Its vested economic interests in the south and the mistrust of the Bangsamoro people against the US army will only exacerbate the tension in the area,” said Buhayan.

BAYAN also stressed that the cycle of violence that plagued the Bangsamoro people from Erap’s All Out War to GMA’s All out Peace to the present regime must once and for all be resolved.

“The all–out– war campaigns of the current and past administrations against lawless elements have only deepened the Bangsamoro people’s wounds wrought by the historical injustices and state-perpetrated war crimes committed against their people by the Philippine and United States government,” said Buhayan.

Peace Talks

“The negotiations between GPH and MILF, GPH with NDF are both not in substantive advance because of the continuous refusal of the GPH to address the root cause of armed conflict,” said Buhayan.


Secretary General



AFP, Aquino regime slammed by MRLO for "All-out Justice" Campaign

Jihad Al-Qursi
Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization
October 27, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi taala wa Barakatuhu.

The Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization, an allied organization under the National Democratic Front fighting for the right to self-determination of the Moro nation, condemns in the strongest possible terms, the reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines and holds the Aquino regime culpable for the human rights abuses committed against the people of Basilan and Zamboanga Sibugay Province.

The capture of the AFP of a supposed MILF territory in Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay province is only the latest in a series of a campaign of suppression launched by the Aquino government to force the MILF into total capitulation. This unjust “all out justice” campaign’s ultimate goal is to render the MILF as an inconsequential revolutionary and to obliterate the legitimate struggle of the Bangsamoro.

It is clear as day, considering the recent events over the last few months, that while the MILF has shown genuine sincerity to see the peace talks through completion, the Aquino regime blatantly disrespects the Moro people’s right to self-determination. Last week showed a scripted public disinformation campaign geared at demonizing MILF guerrillas as bloodthirsty rebels while humanizing the fascist troops of the AFP, eventually agitating the public and justifying an all-out military offensive in Zamboanga Sibugay. The three-day air and ground assaults in Ipil, Naga, Kabasalan, Alicia, Payao, and Mabuhay in Zamboanga Sibugay and five barangays in Al-Barka, Basilan has left tens of thousands of civilians displaced and a host of other human rights atrocities.

The offensive in Basilan last week showed the arrogance of the AFP through its 4th Scout Rangers in raiding a Moro guerrilla territory that is governed with policies and has legitimate right to defend itself in the event of enemy encroachment. The AFP has issued a report to the effect that the military incursion in Basilan was not approved by the Western Mindanao Command and the AFP hierarchy. Therefore, on the question of who is to blame for the death of the 19 soldiers, fingers should be pointed not at the MILF but at the AFP.

The fascist, brutal approach last week, was superseded by the deceptive fake peace ploy by the Aquino regime in the last few months. In August, Noynoy Aquino had the temerity to project himself as a keen peacemaker by meeting with MILF chairperson Al Haj Murad in a public appearance in Japan. And while attempting to be in the good graces of the Bangsamoro, his regime attempts to wrest full control in the ARMM by insisting its right to appoint its own cronies in the ARMM leadership.

The reactionary government is providing the conditions to legitimize a full-blown military offensive, to proceed with their goal of total plunder in the ancestral domain of the Bangsamoro and to stifle resistance of the Moro people. By failing to address the legitimate demands of the MILF and the Bangsamoro people, the Aquino regime imposes fascism and state terrorism in Moro areas while attempting to coopt MILF leaders.

The government is already incapacitated to bring about economic and political emancipation of the Moro people. It is in fact making Bangsamoro armed resistance and revolution as the only viable solution to bring about an end in Moro oppression and to produce real peace and genuine justice. #

Long live the Bangsamoro!
Long live the Filipino people!
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!


Pilipino version


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi taala wa Barakatuhu.

Ang Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization, bilang alyadong organisasyong nakapaloob sa Pambansang Demokratikong Prente at nakikibaka para sa karapatan sa sariling pagpapasya ng Bangsamoro, ay lubos na kinokondena ang reaksyunaryong Sandatahang Lakas ng Republika ng Pilipinas at ang rehimeng US-Aquino sa pagpapahirap at paglabag sa karapatang pantao sa mamamayan ng Basilan at Zamboanga Sibugay.

Ang umano’y matagumpay na pag-agaw sa isang kampo ng MILF sa Payao, Lalawigan ng Zamboanga Sibugay ay simula lamang sa isang serye ng panunupil na ginagawa ng rehimeng Aquino upang tuluyang mapasuko ang MILF. Ang di-makatarungang “todo-hustisya” na kampanya ay may layuning tanggalan ng kabuluhan ang MILF at sugpuin ang lehitimong pakikibaka ng Bangsamoro.

Ngunit ang malinaw, ay nagpakita ng sinseridad ang MILF sa pakikipag-usap nito sa rehimeng Aquino pero bigo ito sa pagtiwala sa gobyerno dahil lantad naman ang kawalan ng respeto ng rehimen sa karapatan ng mamamayang Moro sa sariling pagpapasya. Isang linggo ang nakaraan, gamit ang gawa-gawang skrip ay gumawa ang gubyerno ng senaryong nagpipinta sa rebolusyonaryong Moro bilang demonyo at barbaro habang pinapakita naman ang umano’y makataong larawan ng pasistang sundalo ng reaksyunaryong gubyerno. Ang misimpormasyon na ito ay nagdulot ng pagkalito at pagkagalit sa mamamayan dahil ginatungan ng militar at iresponsableng midya ang pighating naramdaman bunsod ng pagkamatay ng 19 na sundalo sa Basilan. Ito rin ang ginawang katwiran ng pasistang military upang maglunsad ng opensiba sa mga komunidad ng Ipil, Naga, Kabasalan, Alicia, Payao, at Mabuhay sa Zamboanga Sibugay at limang baranggay sa Al-Barka, Basilan. Dahil sa sunod-sunod na airstrike ay halos 20,000 (dalawampung libo) katao na ang nagsilikas at nawalan ng mga bahay.

Ang opensiba na isinagawa sa Basilan noong Oktubre 18 ay sumasalamin sa pagka-arogante ng AFP partikular ang 4th Scout Rangers na nagsagawa ng reyd sa teritoryo ng MILF. Ang MILF ay may karapatang depensahan ang kanyang sarili kung pumasok ang kaaway sa kanyang teritoryo o Area of Temporary Stay (ATS). Ang pagkasawi ng 19 sundalo ay bunga ng kapalpakan mismo ng mga kumander ng AFP. Kung may kailangang panagutin sa pangyayaring ito – ang daliri ay hindi dapat nakaturo sa MILF kundi sa AFP.

Mahilig ang rehimeng Aquino na manlinlang sa usaping pangkapayapaan. Gamit ang gimik at photo-ops, pilit ipinapakita ni Aquino ang kanyang todo-suporta sa usaping pangkapayapaan nang ito ay nakipagpulong kay Al-Haj Murad sa Japan. Pero sa kabilang banda naman, ay pilit nitong kinokontrol at tinatanggalan ng otonomiya ang Bangsamoro sa pamamagitan ng panawagang postponement at pagtalaga ng kanyang mga tao bilang OIC sa ARMM.

Nagtatago ang rehimeng Aquino sa maskarang kunwa’y maka-kapayapaan at maka-Bangsamoro ngunit ang sunod-sunod na direktiba nito sa militar ay nagpapatunay na hindi ito totoo. Gumagawa mismo ang rehimeng Aquino ng mga kundisyon upang itulak ang todo-digma sa Bangsamoro at nang sa gayon ay matuloy ang pakay nitong pandarambong sa likas na yaman ng mga lupang ninuno ng Moro at lusawin ang pakikibaka ng Bangsamoro. Sa halip na tugunan ng rehimeng Aquino ang mga lehitimong pinaglalaban ng MILF at ng mamamayang Moro, ay gera at panlilinlang ng mga namumuno ang una sa kanyang adyenda. Kung kaya’t kami sa MRLO ay naniniwalang ang armadong pakikibaka ng Bangsamoro sa balangkas ng pambansang demokratikong rebolusyon ang tanging solusyon upang wakasan ang pang-aapi sa Bangsamoro at makamit ang tunay na kapayapaan at katarungan.

Mabuhay ang Bangsamoro!
Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization – NDFP



Pnoy's all out justice is all out war

Ka Efren
NDFP - Farsouth Mindanao Region
October 28, 2011

We view with the gravest concern the retaliatory acts of the US Aquino regime on the Al-Barka incident where 19 officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were killed.

We are one with the Moro people, who are most affected, in condemning these retaliatory moves of a government whose policy is purportedly “all-out justice”.

Is this what Aquino calls justice? At least 33 people dead, 40 wounded and 20,000 civilians evacuated; this according to the reports in the national dailies. Unreported are the atrocities committed by the AFP, which is bent on drawing blood for their fallen officers and men.

The brutal, fascist attack by the AFP against hapless civilians and the irresponsible warmongering of out and out militarists in the Senate like Enrile and Biazon will only stoke the fire of discontent brewing in the hearts and minds of the BangsaMoro. It will only add to the long list of state violence and national oppression inflicted on the Moro people. And it will be another reason for the Moro people to fight back against this oppressive state represented by the double-dealing, hypocritical US-Aquino regime.

The National Democratic Front – FSMR is one with the Moro people and their revolutionary forces in their legitimate struggle for national emancipation and genuine autonomy and will try its utmost best to fight for the interests and welfare of the BangsaMoro.


"All-out justice" is all-out war
Submitted on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 16:42 Karapatan National Press release

"Justice is justice, it cannot mean anything else. Definitely, it cannot mean war,” claimed Jigs Clamor, Deputy Secretary General of human rights group Karapatan, in reaction to Pres. Aquino’s declaration of “all-out justice” in the aftermath of the series of incidents involving the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“This government has the propensity, as proven by practice, to distort concepts such as “justice,” ‘peace,’ ‘human rights’, ‘development’ and churn out media spins and catch phrases just to earn “pogi” points and mask its militarist streak on the ground. In this case, it uses “all-out justice” to conduct air strikes in pursuit of so-called criminal elements. Clearly, the bombings only sow terror, resulted to economic dislocation and displacement of civilians. Reports show that there are now at least 20,000 individuals who left their homes in Basilan and in Zamboanga Sibugay. This is not justice,” asserted Clamor.

Karapatan noted that the government’s use of by-words such as ‘respect for human rights’, ‘peace and development’ and ‘all-out justice’ is deliberate and in keeping with Oplan Bayanihan’s deceptive tactics.

Clamor added that “Basilan is still under a ‘state of lawlessness’ since former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s declaration in 2001. Civilians were arbitrarily arrested and detained because of trumped up charges heaped upon them as fall guys just to show that the police and the military have done their job to quell the alleged terrorists in the area. At least 80 of them are still in detention. Again, civilians have become the casualties of this “all-out justice” campaign by a government that is supposedly the opposite of GMA.”

“We call on the government to stop the bombings and other militarist measures that endangers the lives of civilians,” concluded Clamor. ###



Karapatan warns against all-out war in Basilan and other Moro areas
Submitted on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 19:58 Karapatan National Press release

“As in the past, civilians are likely the casualties of an all-out war against the MILF. Moro areas have been ceaselessly attacked by the military but that did not solve anything. It only fans centuries-old biases against the Moro people,” said Jigs Clamor, Deputy Secretary General of Karapatan.

Clamor added that “Basilan is still under a “state of lawlessness” since Gloria Arroyo declaration in 2001. GMA’s declaration resulted to the arrest and detention of at least 500 civilians, and some 80 civilians are still languishing in jail because of the indiscriminate arrests.”

Clamor said that the “GPH is noticeably disregarding signed agreements and commitments not only with the MILF but also with the NDFP.”

The AFP told the media that they were in the MILF grounds to arrest an MILF brigade commander, Dan Laksaaw Asnawi. The MILF on the other hand asserts that the AFP’s action is prohibited under the Terms of Reference of the GPH-MILF ceasefire agreement and their Adhoc Joint Action Group or AHJAG. AHJAG is akin to the Joint Agreement on the Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) between the GPH and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).



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Streetwise column

All-out deception
by Carol P. Araullo

The shrill call to wage “all-out war”, in reaction to the overwhelming defeat of a platoon of special action forces on a mission to “arrest” a rebel Moro commander in Basilan, is nothing but pure hogwash.

For one it is obvious, except to the military top brass and to those who for various reasons wish to suck up to the armed forces, that it was a botched operation that the military now wishes to blame on the targeted enemy, in this case, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Indeed, the armed forces hierarchy has a lot to answer for in the unnecessary deaths of these young soldiers and junior officers that only a thoroughgoing and honest assessment can fully determine.

For another, had the numbers of killed or wounded-in-action been the other way around, with MILF fighters being dealt a rout, hardly anyone would have asked whether the military’s combat operation against a known MILF commander, albeit branded as a “criminal”, was a violation of the terms of the ongoing peace negotiations and ceasefire agreement between the Philippine government (GPH) and the MILF.

As it is, government officials and media commentators are having a field day accusing the MILF of “treachery” in the Basilan encounter; of coddling criminals if not engaging in criminality themselves because of their refusal to submit to the authority of the government (they are after all, rebels); and of taking advantage of a presumably flawed ceasefire agreement to get away with their lawlessness (in fact the ceasefire had been holding up fairly well to the satisfaction of both parties until this latest firefight).

But let’s get back to basics. There is an ongoing war between the Philippine government and the MILF over the historic demands of the Bangsamoro for the right to self-determination and to their ancestral domain. These inalienable rights of the Moro people have been denied them by the Spanish and American colonialists then by what they call the Manila government post-independence, thus bringing about their marginalization and oppression as a people for centuries up to the present.

This revolutionary war, precisely because it is being waged on just grounds, has been intractable. The most brutal military campaigns and the series of peace talks under several Philippine governments have all failed to quell the Moro separatist armed movement.

This is the objective context in which peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the MILF are being held today. And until an agreement is concluded that addresses the just demands of the Bangsamoro and a final cessation of hostilities and disposition of forces is achieved, fighting can and does flare up even with a ceasefire agreement in place.

A ceasefire can be broken by either side, for various reasons and with varying degrees of seriousness. Ceasefire violations, especially if agreed-upon processes have not been activated to address these, can not be a reason to go on “all-out war”.

President Aquino has rejected the call for his government to go on an “all-out war” against the MILF, something he knows would be unsustainable given the government’s tight fiscal situation and politically untenable as well, what with the US and other foreign governments involved in the GPH-MILF peace talks.

Instead he has coined the phrase “all-out justice” to describe how he chooses to deal with the Basilan military fiasco and satisfy the calls to bring the perpetrators to justice.





He has authorized the AFP to bomb MILF camps in Zamboanga Sibugay and to undertake intensified ground operations in Basilan and Lanao del Norte in order the flush out the supposed perpetrators of the Basilan and subsequent other attacks attributed to alleged bandits/Abu Sayaff/”rogue” MILF commanders.

In this way, he is giving the AFP a face-saving way out of the trouncing they got from the MILF. Yet how can “all-out justice” be attained by means of massive military operations against suspected "criminals" while entire populations are displaced and their rights violated?

In truth, the “all-out justice” call of Mr. Aquino falls squarely under his government’s counterinsurgency program dubbed Oplan Bayanihan. It employs the twin tracks of military operations and socio-economic reform programs under the cover of peace talks supposedly to address the roots of armed conflict between GPH and MILF but only geared towards pacification and cooptation of the MILF.

It allows the military to “punish” the MILF and its civilian mass base for alleged criminal acts while maintaining the illusion of suing for peace.

Meanwhile, peace talks with the MILF, as with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), are actually at a standstill.

In response to the MILF’s toned-down demand for a “substate” or genuine autonomy in lieu of a separate state, the GPH countered with socio-economic projects and an offer to include the MILF in the leadership of the Autonomous Region of Muslin Mindanao whose temporary leaders are to be appointed by Mr. Aquino. This has been rejected by the MILF as completely unacceptable and in fact a negation of all past agreements reached through years of negotiations.

Observers of GPH-MILF peace negotiations, including former GPH panel members, point to GPH difficulty in formulating and presenting a clear and coherent position on major substantive issues in contention.

A main stumbling block is GPH insistence that the agreements be interpreted and implemented in accordance with the GPH constitution and legal processes and the assertion that the GPH is the sole political authority or sovereign power. That is supposedly what is behind the rejection of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) and even the “substate”, also the same rationale behind sending the military and police in force to serve arrest warrants, and now the bombing of MILF camps.

These are concrete examples of the GPH’s Janus-faced position: On one hand, entering into peace negotiations supposedly to seek a just and lasting solution to the armed conflict, "with neither blame nor surrender", tacitly recognizing that the MILF (and NDFP) have legitimate grievances and demands and that their actions in pursuit of their political aims -- including armed opposition -- are not criminal acts; while on the other hand asserting the GPH as lone political authority and its security forces as the lone legal armed forces, etc. thus leading to non-compliance with and violations of bilateral agreements such as the ceasefire agreement in the case of the MILF and the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) in the case of the NDFP.

Mr. Aquino’s cleverly-worded “all-out justice” policy may not be as hare-brained and as obviously doomed-to-fail as the “all-out war” policy to which it is contrasted but it can only lead to more armed conflict in Muslim Mindanao because the peace it espouses is deceptive and hollow. #

Published in Business World
28-29 October 2011


In the Arakan Valley of Fr. Fausto Tentorio:
Militarization and harassment
Photos courtesy of Karlos Manlupig



October 28, 2011

GABRIELA nixes militarization in Arakan, calls for military pull-out

DAVAO CITY – On the occasion of the National Day of Protest of Filipino Women, GABRIELA leads hundreds of women today to call for the pull-out of military troops in Arakan, North Cotabato.

Reports show that around 136 families from the communities of Upper Lumbo and Agila in Barangay Cabalantian, Arakan North Cotabato have evacuated for fear of military attacks following the death of Ramon Batoy, a peasant who was killed last October 20 after elements of 57th Infantry Battalion strafed his and seven others’ houses with bullets.

“It was much like the times of Marcos dictatorship when the residents in communities are limited of their mobility,” said Mae Ann Sapar, Deputy Secretary General of GABRIELA after visiting the residents who have evacuated from Sitio Aguila, Barangay Kabalantian, Arakan, North Cotabato.

“The residents, who are mostly indigenous peoples, are not going to their farms anymore for fear of being seen by military forces and tagged as members of New People’s Army. Children have stopped schooling and women fear for the lives of their families,” Sapar said.

“Is this the kind of peace and development the government speaks of? Peace that silences communities?” she said.

“We demand for the pull-out of military troops in the Arakan. The residents have already spoken, they were more peaceful without military operations,” she said.

On October 28, 1983, more than 10,000 women took the streets in protest of repression, oppression and corruption of the Marcos dictatorship.

“It has been 28 year since then that the women’s collective action has become a significant role in toppling down a dictator. But now, the dictator is gone but the repression and oppression of the people remains,” Sapar said.

“The PNoy government is clearly exposing itself as a new face of an oppressor. Lest, he makes a u-turn on his concept of a rhetorical “daang-matuwid” and genuinely address the people’s clamor for social justice, then it won’t be long to have the same fate of his father’s enemy,” she said. ###

In Tineg, Abra:
Torture of hors de combat and desecration
Photos from the Facebook account of Marco Valbuena


Tineg October incident: marked with inhumanity
Diego Wadagan
Agustin Begnalen Command
October 17, 2011

The Agustin Begnalen Command vehemently condemns the fascist troops of the 503rd Brigade and the 41st IB, led by Col. Eliseo Posadas and Col. Noel Baluyan, for the brutal killing and the barbaric desecration of the remains of our 8 comrades who perished in the Tineg October Incident that took place on October 10, 2011. Instead of being awarded by Governor Bersamin a certificate of commendation, Lt. Jeson Capoquian should be held liable for violations of the International Humanitarian Laws and of the CAHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law).

The Agustin Begnalen Command waited for confirmation of initial reports pertaining to numerous and gruesome atrocities that were committed by the troops of the 503rd Brigade and the 41st IB on the remains of the 8 comrades, such as over-killing of hors de combat and the mutilation of the remains of the 8 comrades. Except for the remains of Dorothy “Ka Rencel/Winnie” Ating, the bodies of the 7 victims bore evidences of torture, overkill and mutilation. These include the following:

1.Edgardo “Ka Recti” Balbin – 8 major observable wounds that crushed his skull severing the upper portion, lesions, wounds, abrasions and fractures. A survivor said that Ka Recti was still alive and tried to fight back after suffering a head wound during the first volley of gunfire, but immediately fell due to the serious injury. He was still alive but hors de combat when soldiers pepered him with bullets. Other injuries were caused by physical blows and not from gunshots.

2.Reynaldo “Ka Kris” Masadao – 4 observable major wounds which include a gunshot wound in front of the left ear fired at close range as evidenced by gunpowder wounds around the major wound, a large wound at the right part of the neck nearly severing the head, and the crushing of the bones of the lower right leg into fragments, almost severing the lower leg. According to a survivor, Ka Kris was wounded during the 1st volley of gunfire and was already down but managed to fire back at Cpl. Tega, the sole fatality from the AFP. The other soldiers angrily ganged up on Ka Kris, kicked and hacked him, and killed him at close range.

3.Miguel “Ka Oxy/Alon” Anggaboy – 4 observable wounds which include 2 head wounds and abdominal wounds. The upper cap of his skull was blown out and his brains were scooped out of the skull. Ka Alon was the first to be wounded as he led his team during the first volley of gunfire, and was still alive as he fell in the river. His remains were clad in short pants, but were in pants during the firefight.

4.Reyna “Ka Ogie/Arbis” Villacarlos – 4 observable major wounds among which is a gunshot wound in front of the right ear and a large wound on the body. Her short pants and her panties were torn in the croth area; some people from the localities claim to have found her body naked.

5.Rodel “Ka Bunso” Corpus – 6 observable major wounds which include 2 gunshot wounds in the head, blowing off the upper cap of the skull, long incisional wounds on the left flank of the body most probably caused by bolo hacking, and arm and leg wounds.

6.Ka Omeng – 4 observable major wounds that include 2 body wounds and blackened area in the neck, most prabably caused by a rope or a cloth.

7.Ka Berlin – 2 major observable wounds in the face, flattening the nose.

Survivors of the massacre attest to the gruesome acts committed by fascist AFP troops. While the Governor and AFP propagandists and their apologists and minions in some media outfits boasted of their trophies, they also prematurely reported that the bodies have already been identified and taken to the town center of Bangued, Abra, the truth is that the corpses were were left to rot and decompose to the local townsfolk who were helpless in transporting the said corpses. It was only because of pressures from certain humanitarian and people’s organizations that the Governor committed some help.

These are clear and gross violations of Article 3 of the International Humanitarian Law, which states that: “Persons no longer taking active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and thus place HORS DE COMBAT by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause shall in all circumstances be treated humanely. Acts such as violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture, among others are and shall remain prohibited at any time and any place whatsoever with respect to the above mentioned persons.” This law applies to both parties in an internal armed conflict, which in the case of the ongoing Philippine National Democratic Revolution, the parties involved are the reactionary AFP and the revolutionary New Peoples’ Army (NPA). The 8 comrades who were casualties in the Tineg October Incident were already deemed hors de combat with their serious injuries, yet some were tortured and overkilled. Already dead, fascist troops still proceeded with their mutilation spree. The Armed Forces of the Philippines hailed this incident as an achievement, granting interviews left and right, gloating about their so-called victory. But we ask, what kind of an achievement is this? An achievement marked with inhumanity? We can only describe what they have done to the bodies of the 8 dead comrades as pure slaughter.

This incident further shows the fascist character of the AFP and the kind of training and indoctrination that they give to their troops, which strips them of their dignity and humanity and transforms them into inhuman killing machines. The Philippine Army Officer Candidate School (PAOCS), like the Philippine Military Academy, develops fascist killing machines; Lt. Jeson Capoqiuan is a member of PAOCC 29-06 “Matingala” Class. All their talk of ‘human rights’ under the Oplan Bayanihan is mere rubbish, for they cannot hide their barbaric orientation. And it is a folly for Governor Bersamin to be blindly supporting “Bayanihan” in Abra and awarded a Lt. Jeson “The Barbarian” Capoquian a certificate of commendation.

It is ironic and hypocritical for the AFP to be crying foul when 19 of their officers and enlisted personnel were killed in a legitimate battle in Basilan because of failures, weaknesses and opportunism of their senior officers. While 2nd Lt. Efren Khe rightfully cites provisions in International Humanitarian Law in expressing his grief over the death of his brother 2nd Lt. Jose Delfin Khe, the fact is more officers of the AFP and PNP systematically violate human rights and other rules of war.

In contrast, the New Peoples’ Army treats enemies wounded or taken prisoner in combat humanely, even to the point of treating their wounds when necessary. Almost all of the forces of the enemy taken as prisoner-of-war by the NPA can attest to the fair and humane treatment given by the NPA to them.

Consistent with the grand psy-war design of “Bayanihan”, Pnoy declared that all-out war in Mindanao is not an option, and instead declared “all-out justice”. But as always, internal contradictions are rife among those in power because “Bayanihan’s” pretensions and lip-service of human rights, justice and peace are not compatible with the fascist orientation and training of the AFP and the PNP. Demoralization is widespread and deepening in the AFP, even as 20,000 refugees have already been displaced in Basilan and Zamboanga-Sibugay, because Pnoy is advocating “all-out justice” and most in the AFP and some influencial politicians are pushing for all-out war.

What they did to the bodies of the 8 comrades who died in Tineg is part of the AFP’s dirty psywar tactics. They want to shock the people, break our morale and cow the whole revolutionary movement to surrender. But on the contrary, this incident further served to strengthen our ranks and our link with the people. Despite our sorrow, we clench our fists and our teeth in our burning anger against the rotten system. We will continue to fight for the people. We will continue to wage this war until the whole reactionary and fascist ruling system tumbles down. We will continue to fight for the revolution and for the memory of our fallen comrades. We will continue the revolution until a just and lasting peace is achieved and all forms of brutality and barbarism by the reactionary state have been wiped out.

We will never forget this incident. We will never stop until revolutionary justice has been served.

Long live the memory of the Tineg 8!

Advance the people’s war!

Defeat Oplan Bayanihan!




NPA-Ilocos Sur criticizes AFP ‘overkill,’ lies and violation of CARHRIHL


BAGUIO CITY – Communist guerillas operating in Ilocos Sur has admitted that two of their comrades were slain by government soldiers in an almost week-long gun battle in Cervantes town, Ilocos Sur a week ago.

Benny Boy “Ka Likot” Aguilar and Delfin “Ka Dindo” Gullayan died on the second day of the skirmishes, said Armando Silva, spokesman of the Ilocos Sur–based Alfredo Cesar Command of the NPA.

Earlier, the Northern Luzon Command said that government troops had killed Aguilar and wounded others more during the fighting in the remote Cervantes town in Ilocos Sur on September 23.

Aguilar, 23, hailed from the urban poor sector in Sampaloc, Metro Manila, said Silva of the NPA-Ilocos Sur.

The military reportedly displayed Aguilar’s torn body to torment the people of Cervantes a day after the encounter. Simon Naogsan, spokesman of the Cordillera Peoples Democratic Front (CPDF), an allied organization of the NDF, denounced this.

Silva said that “Aguilar’s body bore signs of “overkill” – his skull was shattered, one of his eyes was detached from its socket, and his chest caved in due to multiple gunshots and heavy bashing, all of which are clear violations of the CARHRIHL.”

The second slain rebel– Gullayan, 28, was from Baclingayan, Tubo, Abra. He was reportedly found dead only on September 29, five days after the firefight.

But according to Silva, the military troopers suffered “more casualties,” although Capt. Jovelyn Cabading, spokesman of the Northern Luzon Command of the AFP, said only one soldier was wounded during the almost week-long firefights in the hinterlands of Ilocos Sur.

A soldier was wounded in the September 23 firefight while another soldier died in the September 24 encounter, said Silva.

“A total of 15 died and no less than six other soldiers were wounded from the operating troops of the 50th IB of the Philippine Army.”

Silva recounted that the first clash happened in Remedios village (Cervantes) where four soldiers died and six others were wounded in September 23. Ten soldiers died at Bulaga, in the village of Aluling on September 24. An undetermined number were wounded at Maupong, Brgy. Concepcion on September 26.

Because of their losses, the military “went on a rampage and arrested five civilians whom they suspected as NPA members,” Silva said.

Captain Cabading of the Nolcom admitted that four suspected NPA members were arrested, but she added they were turned over to the police.

But Silva disputed it, saying the persons arrested are still being held by the military. They are Edward Galao of Cabaroan, Concepcion village, Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, Kidsol Keeg of Remedios village, Cervantes and Hilario Bantio, 44, from Labaan, Tabio, Mankayan, Benguet.

Meanwhile, the following had been released: Mathew Sawey of Langsoyan, Brgy. Aluling, Cervantes and Francis Tengngedan of Cawag, Brgy. Aluling .

Silva said the persons being detained by the military are civilians.




Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

Press Release
October 30, 2011

Aquino and AFP officials guilty of war crimes over Tineg abuses--CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has accused Benigno Aquino III and his top military officials of committing war crimes during an encounter between government troops and NPA guerrillas in Tineg, Abra on October 10.

The CPP said soldiers of the 41st Infantry Battalion led by Cols. Eliseo Posadas and Noel Baluyan violated international humanitarian law and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) when they went ahead and slaughtered the NPA fighters who were overpowered and rendered incapable of fighting. They also peppered with bullets and hacked with machetes the bodies of the fallen NPA fighters.

"The images of the falled NPA fighters--the martyrs of Tineg <link here: tineg-october-incident-marked-with-inhumanity> throughly shatter the 'peace' and 'human rights' rhetoric of the Aquino regime and the AFP,” said the CPP.

The CPP added that contrary to the AFP's claims that the soldiers brought the bodies of the dead NPA fighters to Bangued, they left them in the mountains exposed to the elements. It was only after mounting pressure from humanitarian and people's organizations that local provincial officials helped retrieve the NPA casualties.

The CPP called on human rights advocates, lawyers' organizations, religious groups, international humanitarian agencies and the Joint Monitoring Committee which oversees both the GPH and NDFP's compliance with the CARHRIHL to conduct their own investigations into the October 10 Tineg incident. It urged pathologists and other experts to expose the facts behind the October 10 slaughter.

The CPP said revolutionary forces in the area are willing to cooperate with various groups to provide information and shed light about the incident.

The CPP further slammed the AFP's Oplan Bayanihan for “clearly being no different from the Arroyo regime's Oplan Bantay Laya in terms of brutality and cruelty.”

"In stark contrast, the NPA strictly abides by the provisions of the CARHRIHL and international protocols in carrying out people's war against the ruling system," pointed out the CPP. "NPA units closely follow humanitarian guidelines in the conduct of the war by treating the wounded and respecting the rights of prisoners of war. It has time and again shown itself to be a disciplined fighting force of the Filipino people."

"On the other hand, the brutality and cruelty of the AFP expose the barbarism of the reactionary fascist troops who have been systematically robbed of their humanity in order to transform them into brutal killing machines whose only function is to unleash a criminal war and terrorize the people," said the CPP.